Melo is a vehicle/fleet monitoring and management system designed and developed from ground up by Taranga.When your vehicle goes out of your sight you loose most of the controls. Melo makes it possible for you to regularly monitor your vehicle in realtime and manage your vehicle/fleet even when your vehicles are out of your sight.

Melo consists of on-board computers that continuously collect and send vehicle status information, send it to our processing system, process it and relays processed result in comprehensible format to your smartphone or computer. Our easy to install device hardware troubleshoot and monitor your vehicle from your Smartphone or computer. Our analytics system converts collected data to useful information which will be a knowledge base for planning and decision making.


Locate fleet or individual vehicle in map realtime

Watch current location of individual vehicle, group of vehicle or whole fleet in map in realtime.

Historical track of vehicle movement

Track historical vehicle with hourly timestamp and playback.

Speed monitoring with high speed alarm

Set the speed limit of individual vehicle and get over speed notification in realtime.

Automatic regular updates

Our software and smartphone app are updated regularly and automatically. We won’t charge you anything for new features in software/app we include in the updates.

Web and Smartphone application

We have both web based and smartphone application to use our monitoring and management system.

Intuitive UI/UX

Our intuitive design of user interface doesn’t require any training to use it.Just login and you are ready to go.

Information Security

Your data is stored securely and all communication are encrypted. We implement SSL security in our web and smartphone app.

Customization of hardware and software

We can customize the hardware and software according to your need.

Benefits of using Melo

Fleet planning:

After an exact location map of where your fleets are, you can be more specific on your business and plan your next move smartly.Our historical data eature will provide you details on how your vehicles are moving and what they really should have done.

Get rid of misuse:

Since your vehicle is tracked realtime and you can view historical movement of the vehicle, the misuse of your vehicle can be reduced.


Knowing about the location of your vehicle every minute, brings the vehicle closer to you and makes it lot more secure.Our speed alarms have raised concerns of speeding and controlled a lot of high speed drivings.We have also found that drivers care more about the vehicles when our device is installed.

Resource optimization

Your vehicles are your resources of your business/operation. Our system helps you for optimized use of resource minimizing cost,idle time or other wastage that could arise due to lack of information.

Support and Maintenance

For the first year, we provide a full one year replacement wranty. An extended warranty with free support, repair and maintenance can be purchased on coming years.A data charge will be applicable each month, which is not included in the warranty.

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