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Maulik Taranga is a company working on location based services, industrial automation and smart and intelligent city systems.

Maulik Taranga builds intelligent designs and end systems. We focus on developing smart things and systems based on data and information which helps to bring efficiency in doing things, optimizing resources and foster effective decision making to individuals and organizations.

Embedded systems, data analytics, data communication, hardware-software interfacing are the core strength of our team.

Taranga is one of the pioneer company providing the location based services, in Nepal. We also provide designing, developing and implementing embedded systems, data analytics, connectivity and computerized process control solutions and software-hardware interfacing technologies.

We also has specialization in hardware customization and software integration. We  trade on related devices such as, Barcode reader, RFID sensor and cards,Dash camera, Fingerprint Verifier and integrated software systems accordingly.

Vision :
Maulik Taranga is a company established to develop and nurture information technology driven approaches for creating a knowledge based society in Nepal.

By providing value adding solutions to the existing problems of the clients,through the use of innovative and advanced technology.

Innovation, Integrity,Creativity, Quality Service, Teamwork

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Location Based Services

Taranga is one of the pioneer in developing location based services in Nepal. We have developed real-time location based systems like Melo, Smart Distribution

Industrial Automation

Taranga possess the expertise on the industrial automation, in Nepal.We can develop systems like process automation, inter-machine interfacing, intelligent machine

Intelligent System

Taranga also holds the expertise on developing intelligent systems, through the integration of ICT and internet of things, having the capacity to gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems

Smart City System

We work on developing technology driven systems that facilitates easy  and smart way of living in the knowledge based society


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